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Mouthguards are protective devices worn in the mouth to protect against injury of; teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  They also serve to reduce the risk of concussion.  Any of these injuries can lead to permanent loss and/or suffering and may lead to prolonged and expensive treatment.  Therefore we strongly recommend wearing a protective mouthguard if participating in any activity involving physical contact or risk of head trauma.


All mouthguards are not the same!


Ranging from simple "Boil and Bite" make-at-home devices to custom made professionally fitted mouthguards.


"Boil and Bite" devices offer very little if any protection against injury.  A regular sight on the ground outside a dressing room are discarded "Boil and Bite" devices or photographs in the newspaper of young footballers wearing ill-fitting mouthguards hanging loose in the mouth.


PRO-TECT® Mouthguards on the other hand are custom made and professionally fitted.  A precise anatomical fit matters, as the mouthguard needs a good fit over the teeth and gums to provide greater protective value, retention and comfort.  We achieve this in our clinic with our quality dental impression technique and through heat/pressure production technique during the lamination phase in our dental laboratory.


PRO-TECT® Mouthguards are available in a range of 4 mouthguards (Pro-MAX, Pro-ACE, Pro-STAR and Pro-SPORT) each specifically designed to suit the age of the wearer and type of sport being played.


PRO-TECT® Mouthguards use a proprietary multiplex  lamination system; improving impact energy absorption and distribution, minimising bulk and improving comfort, breathing and speech.


PRO-TECT® Mouthguards incorporates jaw indexation to help limit motion of the lower jaw during collision.


PRO-TECT® Mouthguards are made from high quality Australian made materials.


Advanced Features.

Custom multiplex lamination for improved protection.*

Heat/Pressure production for precision anatomical fit.

Jaw Indexing for bite equilibration.*

Energy absorption & distribution design.

Comfort Band for improved breathing & speaking.

Smooth finish for comfort and cleaning.

Name identification Insert.*


  • Designed to suit permanent dentition.
  • Extra features for high impact/contact sports.
  • Dual layer laminate with additional R-shock™ polymer anterior insert.
  • Clear Comfort Band.
  • Jaw indexing.
  • Name identification insert.
  • Available in multicolours.


  • Designed to suit permanent dentition.
  • Suitable for medium to high impact/contact sports.
  • Dual layer laminate.
  • Clear Comfort Band.
  • Jaw indexing.
  • Name identification insert.
  • Available in multicolours.


  • Designed to suit deciduous or mixed dentition of the younger sports-person.
  • Suitable for low/medium impact sports.
  • Dual Layer laminate.
  • Jaw indexing.
  • Name identification insert.
  • Available in multicolours.


  • Designed only to suit deciduous dentition of the younger sports-person.
  • Suitable only for low impact sport .
  • Suitable as a transitional mouthguard.
  • Single layer.*
  • No jaw indexing.*
  • Available in limited colours.*
  • No name identification.*

Mouthguards available in single, two or three colour combinations.*

*Pro-Sport single colour only.

*Surcharge on Freestyle range.


Quality Custom Laminated Mouthguards

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